The Water Code: Unlocking the Truth Within
The Water Code reveals that water--in spite of its apparent simplicity, seemingly endless abundance, and presence within our physical bodies--is in fact, conscious and intelligent. The book explores the idea that water holds billions of years of planetary information within its molecular structure. The Water Code is more than just a book, however. It is an act of compassion on behalf of water, offering humanity the insights and tools necessary to facilitate Earth's transformational jump into a new era of Harmony, Freedom, and Truth.
What Readers Are Saying

“Thank you for writing such a beautiful and transformative book! The Water Code – Unlocking the Truth Within confirmed what I have always known in my heart - water is information. I have always loved water, however since reading your book, I have experienced greater communication and a deeper relationship with this radiant species. I know this book will inspire and educate others regarding the magical properties of water.”

-Linda Light Garcia
Clairvoyant & Founder of Everyday Goddess Group
Oakland, California

“When I was three years old, I had a vision of everything being connected as one infinite web. Recently while progressing through Rainey's new book, The Water Code – Unlocking the Truth Within, I had a clear understanding of this revelation. For the first time, I experienced an intricate vision of one consciousness manifesting into twelve dimensions while feeding from the thirteenth dimension of infinite possibilities. Now, with the integration of the nine inner realms introduced by water, this vision expands in new and profound ways. I am thankful to Rainey for bringing us clarity and tools for our individual and collective awakening. Perfect timing as always!”

-Benoit Le Chevallier
Founder, Pangaea Project

“WOW! I just finished reading your book and completed the Quantum Meditation Journey. What a fabulous gift you have given to Lightworkers currently focusing on moving human consciousness to a higher vibratory frequency. The Question and Answer chapter was my all-time favorite section of the book as the clarity was impeccable for useful application in life. I believe The Water Code – Unlocking the Truth Within was written as a reminder to all Lightworkers to keep on keeping on until the critical mass of collective human consciousness resonates with the frequency of divine love. Thank you so much for your adept translation into words the light transmission of information you received from REMI.  This is an incredible gift to humanity to assist us in better understanding the amazing Macroverse/Microverse we live in.”

-Dr. Bryce Stillwater
Naturopathic Doctor
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The Water Code is compelling, fascinating, timely and remarkable. For years, I have been wondering where our sense of cosmic awareness and understanding comes from. After reading The Water Code, I find that in all likelihood, it is coming through the vehicle of the Earth’s oldest and most precious keeper of recorded information – water! This revelation is astonishing and yet, makes perfect sense. I am grateful to Rainey for presenting this important information and helping us find our way to our highest vibration.”

-Kate Henninger
Kate Henninger Wellness

“I am reading your new book, The Water Code – Unlocking the Truth Within and absolutely love it! The colorful images and sacred geometric symbols resonate deeply within my being and align perfectly with my sound healing practice. Your book has inspired me to speak regularly to the water in my body. My intention is to begin communicating with water all over the planet, especially the oceans. Wow! The possibilities are infinite!”

-Shannon Wise River Murray
Shen Sounds Healing & AUM-School

“My first impression of The Water Code – Unlocking the Truth Within, came with the title. I immediately got goose bumps and a tingling in my heart – which I took as a major GOOD impression! Somehow my soul resonated with what I was about to read, even before I started reading the book. As I read the back cover, chills covered my body. Somewhere deep within me, I know this book was written for me and I will be finding answers to the profound questions I have been contemplating!”

-Dr. Bryce Stillwater
Naturopathic Doctor
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
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