The Dragon, The Whale and The Dolphin
The Dragon and The Whale are at it again, along with seven new friends, in a tale that began a long, long, loooooonnnnnngggggggg time ago. Our story finds a Whale named “O” and a Dragon called “M” with their circle of newly-created friends—a manta ray, a sea horse, a jellyfish, a sea snail, an octopus, a starfish, and a sea turtle—on ancient, water-covered Earth in this third book in The Dragon and The Whale Series. In this tale, our group is introduced to an exciting new friend…someone joyful and fun, who loves to play games! The Dragon, The Whale, and The Dolphin explores the importance of a name as each of the book’s characters select their names based on their purpose in life. Written in rhythmic verse, this tale invites the reader to discover the meaning behind one’s name in this animated story of friendship, respect, laughter, and co-creation.
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