Divine Macroverse
Divine Macroverse takes an unprecedented look at the origin of human suffering by identifying a hidden ego-virus encoded in our DNA. In Divine Macroverse you will find information regarding your purpose on the Earth as well as detailed steps for activating your light body, accessing 100% of your brain, and unlocking Earth's records. In harmony with the fundamental principles of freedom, truth, respect, and compassion, Divine Macroverse examines the structure of existence and the mechanisms in place for the preservation of personal and collective freedom.
What Readers Are Saying

“Rainey Marie Highley’s Divine Macroverse is a fascinating description of the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness, the individuation and evolution of that consciousness, and the unique and holistic significance of the Earth plane experience/expression. The book provides the reader with answers to innumerable questions eluding rational explanation, and it also directly addresses and explains the genesis and nature of the ego (as well as its progenies—fear, suffering, death), the animal kingdom, and the vast and infinite realms beyond human cognition. Most importantly, Divine Macroverse restores hope, meaning, and purpose for all.

Rainey represents a rare combination of intelligence, insight, integrity, compassion, and pure intention. She shared with me the rapid- fire manner in which, night after night, she was drawn into reception of the rich and detailed information set forth in her book. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the book is an entirely accurate and virtually unfiltered reflection of that information as received by Rainey—not a product of her rational mind. It is my sincere honor and pleasure to recommend and endorse Rainey’s book.”

–John A. Price
John is a writer, public speaker, and an attorney. He is co-founder of Wings of Spirit, A Gathering of Light Foundation. John is the author of the book A Gathering of Light: Eternal Wisdom for a Time of Transformation and co- author with his wife, Diadra, of Soular Reunion: Journey to the Beloved.

“Divine Macroverse moved me like no other book I’ve ever read. It challenged me to push the limits of my comfort zone, opened my mind to new experiences, and offered answers to questions I've spent a lifetime pondering. Many books that explore metaphysical concepts can feel daunting to the novice reader. Not only does Rainey Marie Highley write in a way that is easy to follow and even calming, her warm, loving soul and magnetic aura brilliantly shine through the pages of this book.” 

-Millie Slavik
Area Office Manager, Republic Services Company
Houston, Texas

"Oh, now it all makes sense!" That's what I keep repeating as I read Rainey Marie Highley's Divine Macroverse.  From its explanations of the ego's deceptions to its descriptions of the Lightworker mission and the all-too-familiar worlds beyond the third dimension, the book is answering questions I have been asking for a lifetime.  Congratulations, Rainey, and thank you to all the beings who contributed to Divine Macroverse.”

-Nancy Chaffin Russell
Winter Springs, Florida

“I just finished the book.  The messages and instructions coming through you are wonderful.  This very well appears to be the most important “discovery” of all earth/human history!”

-Joey Knable
Business Owner
Rockwall, TX

I finished your book!  There definitely has to be another one . . . it left me wanting so much more!  I especially like the pictures of the different dimensions and their aspects.  As soon as I saw the pictures  and read about each one, I resonated with remembrance.  It is truly a feeling of joy . . . I already have four friends/clients that want to read it. I told them only the concept without details and they all said to alert them as soon as it was published!  Lightworkers recognize truth before they even read it.  It’s that “knowing.”

-Nancy McNerney
Numerologist / Intuitive Reader
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I received and reviewed your manuscript entitled “Divine Macroverse.”  Thank you and congratulations on a most beautiful and provocative writing!  I celebrate the work and know it will touch the minds and hearts of many readers who are ready to be reminded and/or be changed by the consciousness and message of the book. . . . Your writing reads like The Celestine Prophecy in that I could not read fast enough to catch up with my enthusiasm for each and every word/paragraph.  Oh, it will bless so many souls. . . . I am thrilled for you and your work . . . knowing it is time, and I truly dance with the Angels in celebration.”

-Carolyn Craft
Integrative Therapist / Executive Coach
Durham, NC

“What an intriguing and progressive book!  It was refreshing to get a new perspective on the origin and perpetuation of human suffering.  Divine Macroverse is a mind-expanding work and provided me with new insights and guideposts as to where we came from, who we are, and where we are headed.  As a healer and body worker, I am excited that you have brought this information into our collective consciousness at this moment.”

-Lisa Temple
Massage Therapist
Idaho Springs, CO
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