“Authentic Living Means Living in Alignment with Your Soul.”

About Rainey

Rainey Marie Highley is an award-winning spiritual author whose books have resonated with readers seeking insight into life’s profound questions. Her literary journey began with the publication of Divine Macroverse in 2010, a foundational work that established her voice in the realm of visionary spiritual literature.

In 2012, Rainey’s transformative book, The Water Code—Unlocking the Truth Within, earned a Living Now Book Award and in 2018, reached #1 Bestseller status as a Kindle book on Amazon. Rainey has also published a three-book children’s book series known as The Dragon and The Whale Children’s Book Series. Her later books, Soul Family and Radiant Opus also reached the #1 spot on Amazon as bestselling Kindle books in 2020.

Her latest book, 8 Things to Know About Where We Go delves into one of the most personal and profound experiences of Rainey’s life. The book contains a detailed account of the pact Rainey and her mother made to communicate beyond the veil of death following the terminal cancer diagnosis of Rainey’s mom. The book represents the direct communication between Rainey and her mom following her mother’s death, and the details her mom shares about life, death, and the Afterlife. Given the profound revelations unveiled by her mother, Rainey considers 8 Things to Know to be the zenith of her spiritual endeavors and literary contributions.

Beyond her accomplishments as an author, Rainey Marie Highley is also a devoted spiritual guide and life coach. She is passionately committed to assisting others on their life journeys, offering coaching guidance to those seeking greater clarity and deeper meaning in their everyday lives. For those looking to book a 75-minute coaching session with Rainey, reach out here.

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