World Water Day Blessing

In honor of World Water Day today, I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge the magnificent substance known as water. Water makes up over 70% of the Earth and over 70% of our bodies. Water sustains us, nourishes us, cleanses us, purifies us, and heals us. We don’t simply require water to live, we are water. Water is the life force energy of creation, the consciousness inside of us, and the key to universal truth. If you know these things, it is because the water inside of you is awakening. It is opening up and revealing itself to you. Express your gratitude to water for all it is doing for you and for the planet by saying a water blessing today.

With both hands wrapped around a glass of water, close your eyes and take a moment to send love and gratitude to the water you are holding. Imagine rainbow colored rays of light coming from your hands into the water. Send love directly from your heart chakra to the water. Feel the love from your heart filling up the glass. Take a deep breath and sound a long, slow, OHM. As you breathe in, imagine an infinity symbol connecting the love from your heart to the glass of water you are holding. As you breathe out, receive the love that water is sending back to you. As this exchange of loving energy continues, say the following blessing:

Thank you Water, for all you are doing to help the Earth.I offer my deepest love and eternal gratitude to Water everywhere.I fill this glass with radiant, sparkling, rainbow colored light from my heart.I send you blessings of peace, respect, love, joy, harmony, and light.I graciously receive the message you have for me, Water.Thank you Water, for sharing your wisdom with me by unlockingthe key to truth inside every water molecule within my body.So be it, in openness and love.Namaste.

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