Why I Wrote My Latest Book, SOUL FAMILY, scheduled to launch 11.11.2020!💜🔥🦋🌈🧚🏻🌟🧚🏻🌈🦋🔥💜

Join me, 4Authenticity's Rainey Highley, as I share revealing insights into my WHY...why I wrote my newest book, SOUL FAMILY: Discover Your Authentic Soul Tribe, scheduled for release on 11.11.2020! This message comes at a pivotal time in human history. In a moment where humanity seems angry, divided, and disconnected, this book sounds a call for UNITY.💖 SOUL FAMILY invites readers to remember who they are deep at a soul level. This book sounds a vibration of harmony and peace, calling for all humans to reunite, reconnect, and reimagine the way we relate and interact with one another. I am beyond excited to share this book with YOU and the rest of our SOUL FAMILY!💖💜🔥🕊🌟💧💜💖

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