What does Authenticity have to do with Ascension?

Are you feeling the effects of the increased energies of the New Earth? Have you found a way to navigate the new frequencies while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground? Join me as I respond to an audience question regarding Authenticity and the Ascension, explaining why Authenticity is not just a good idea, it is actually a requirement for admission into the frequencies of the New Earth. I share how a shift happened in my own life following a meditation retreat with Michael Bernard Beckwith and Agape International Spiritual Center earlier this year. This shift required 100% authenticity of me personally in order to propel my life into this new dimension of expanded, harmonious living. There is a higher frequency taking the planet by storm—an Evolution Revolution—and absolute alignment with your deepest soul purpose is a necessity not only to fulfill your soul contract but also for your own personal health, happiness, and well-being.  Your Authenticity = Your Freedom🔥💙🔥💙🔥

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