Suggestions for Raising Your Vibration

During this pivotal time in human history, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your personal vibration. Are you looking out for your physical body by eating clean, organic foods and drinking positively-energized water? Are you occupying your mind with joyful thoughts and encouraging affirmations? Are you keeping your energy as pure as possible by living truthfully, maintaining integrity, speaking compassionately, expressing gratitude, spreading unconditional love, and sharing your light with the world?

Here are some additional suggestions for raising your vibration given to us by the evolved and intelligent species of water, as outlined in my new book, “The Water Code—Unlocking the Truth Within”:

• Drink much more water than you currently do. Consider doubling the amount of water you drink on a daily basis. You will eliminate toxins faster and speed up your natural evolutionary progress.

• Energize the water you drink by adding positive words, sacred geometric patterns, beautiful colors and loving images to the outside of a glass or crystal water container. Place a clean, energized crystal in the water container such as a rose quartz or amethyst. Add spring or bottled water from a natural source. Place your water container in direct sunlight and moonlight (full moon is best) for 72 hours before drinking. This is called “harmonizing” your water.

• Learn from nature. Nature has a story. Its origins are as ancient as Earth herself. Remember who your true teachers are. Much information is available to you, but you must know where to look. Begin by listening to nature. Spend as much time as possible in quiet solitude in a beautiful outside setting.

• Begin integrating your understanding of the unseen into your daily life. This involves the power of manifestation through the intentional direction of energy. Start your day with positive words and affirmations. Use your imagination to visualize your perfect day. Envision wonderful, miraculous events in your life and in the world. Be a pioneer of this in your own life and lead others by example.

• Your body was meant to exist in a state of optimum vitality. Retrain your body by using musical harmonics and vibrational frequency. This can be achieved by using tuning forks on your body or listening to uplifting frequencies such as 528 Hz, the frequency of love. In addition to raising your vibration, this will also assist you in maintaining a youthful appearance and vibrant health. Start by making this a daily practice. This will produce great results rather quickly.

• Understand the concept of fuel for your body. Fuel comes in the form of food, thoughts, emotions, and environmental exposure. Ingesting improper fuel is like using gasoline to power an electric car. You cannot expect a body to thrive that has not been given proper fuel.

• Add pure, pink Himalayan salt into your diet. Try adding a little salt to the water you drink, the food you eat and even to the surface of your skin. Iodized salt and regular sea salt do not perform the same function so please avoid them if possible. Pure Himalayan salt is an important conductor of energy and a purifier of toxins. As it moves through your body, it absorbs and removes denser energies from your body. Ultimately, it assists you in maintaining a higher overall vibratory frequency by allowing more light to come into your physical vehicle.

• Stop the cycle of death and quit ingesting the vibration of death into your body. It is energetically inconsistent with life and longevity and is detrimental to your health and well-being. Select fuel that is alive and know that you are moving into a future where food will not be necessary for the experience of life. You will be able to survive quite comfortably on light and water alone.

• Receive sunlight through water. Spend time daily receiving information directly from the sun, for it is the purest source of “news” available to you. Ideally, you will receive this information while immersed in water. This could mean swimming in the ocean or a pool on a sunny day, or using a bathtub or shower where the sun can shine down on you. Water facilitates the reception of light directly into the intelligence of your body.

• Take time to recharge yourself by laying on the surface of the Earth and receiving energy from her. You will be surprised at the enormous benefits you will receive from this practice.

• Remember that we are all interconnected. Know what this means on a scientific level—that every action and thought is energetically connected and affects every being experiencing life. Begin to accept social responsibility for your personal thoughts and experiences.

• Recognize the incredible significance of the words you speak and the enormous impact they have on your experience of reality.

• Begin to implement color therapy for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health and longevity. Understand that the brain is subdivided into segments and that each segment is responsive to a particular color. Exposure to a particular color can heal and energize the brain and trigger unused portions of it. What you will discover as you continue down this path is that the future of science is intricately linked to color therapy. This is called Color Integration and Healing.

• Gain awareness of the significance of moving water through the body through exercise, submersion in water, heat, conscious intention, and the ingestion of water by mouth. Water is the ultimate communicator, and as such, it plays a very significant role in the body’s internal communication.

For more insights and messages from water, check out my latest book, “The Water Code—Unlocking the Truth Within” available on and my website:

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