Levels of Human Consciousness & the Frequency of Human Emotions🦋


Join me as I share my secret for peacefully navigating the loss of my mother, who transitioned from this life just a few short weeks ago. In this video, I dive deep into the Levels of Human Consciousness as introduced by David Hawkins in his book, “Power vs. Force” and explain why holding the highest vibratory emotions such as compassion, joy, peace, and love, can help you tremendously when navigating life’s hardships. Learn which human emotions rank the highest on Hawkins’ consciousness scale, and which emotions rank the lowest. I share why understanding the vibratory frequency of the emotions you hold in our energy field can not only help you through hardship, it is essential in order for you to consciously create the life of your dreams using energetic principles and universal laws such as the Law of Attraction. Most importantly, learn why the frequency of the emotions you hold has a profound impact on humanity, and the Earth herself.💫🌎💚🌟💚🌎💫

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