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Are you a conscious creator, healer, or light worker who is ready to transcend to the next level in love, money, and abundance?

Whether you want a divine relationship, to make a sustainable income and impact through work that you love, or to experience abundance in all areas of life through your soul's awakening, there’s a much faster and easier way than β€œworking hard” to get the results.

What if I told you that you can quantum leap and manifest results like magic when you learn how to work with your unique energy, your higher self, and the energy of the divine?

I invite you to join me and 20+ teachers, healers, and light workers as we explore, heal, and unearth the secrets of working with the divine to manifest all that you desire on the show:

Magic, Healing, and Manifestation: The Spiritual Path To Creating Love, Money, and Abundance in Life

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