5 Surprising Things I Learned About Water

Like most of you, I have always been fascinated by water. Water has existed on this planet since the very beginning. For billions of years, water has witnessed everything on the Earth. I have often wondered, what does water know? What has it observed? What secrets could it share with us? Years ago, these questions led me to read the Messages from Water series by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. After seeing the conscious response by water to words, music, and even thoughts, I knew water would be the next big scientific breakthrough. What I later discovered was that water would be the next big breakthrough in everything.

My fascination with water led me to read everything I could get my hands on relating to water. Eventually, I wrote my own book published in 2012 called, The Water Code­­—Unlocking the Truth Within. Writing the book was an incredible journey that led me to develop an intimate relationship with water. Through the years, water has taught me many things. Above all, I learned that water holds the key to who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Here are 5 surprising things I learned about water:

  1. Water is intelligent.

While writing The Water Code, I discovered that water is much more than a simple substance needed to hydrate the body. I learned that water is, in fact, living, conscious, and intelligent. Water is both highly advanced and quite ancient. It holds the key to our physical and non-physical origins, and also to our future. Now that the great shift has happened, our ability to communicate with water has increased. As our vibratory frequency continues to rise, we will find that communication with water will become easier. Learning to communicate with water is an act of true wisdom that could quickly propel humanity into a much more harmonious and peaceful existence.

  1. Water speaks the language of reflection.

Anyone familiar with Dr. Emoto’s water crystal photos knows that water exposed to beautiful words, images, or music creates beautiful crystalline patterns. Water exposed to ugly or negative words forms unattractive shapes or no crystalline pattern at all. Water echoes the energy and vibration of the thing it is reflecting. Water is the law of attraction in action. It communicates in truth, revealing the frequency inside anything it encounters. Given that our bodies are made up primarily of water, one may wonder if it is the water in our bodies communicating with us when we get a strange “vibe” from someone. The water inside of us is our own personal truth meter. It pays to understand the language of water.

  1. Water is the great record keeper.

In an infinite and orderly universe, where everything is structured and interconnected from spiraling galaxies to the intricacies of our human bodies to the complexities of our DNA, does it seem logical that our planetary records would be kept on stone tablets, paper scrolls, or even computer chips? Of course not! I cannot tell you how excited I was to learn that our entire planetary history has been preserved inside the one thing on Earth that can never be destroyed…water. Our written records date back only a few thousand years but water has observed everything on this planet since its inception. Water is the ultimate storehouse of information on this planet and beyond. Thus, it is an act of great significance to better understand this highly advanced life form known as water.

  1. Water is a bridge between dimensions.

“A tree there is that from its topmost boughIs half all glittering flame and half all greenAbounding foliage moistened with the dew;And half is half and yet is all the scene.”

This quote is from Vacillation, one of my favorite poems by William Butler Yeats. This poem reminds me that the companion to what we see with our physical eyes always exists. Presently, it is the unseen or the meta-physical…beyond the physical. When we see Dr. Emoto’s water crystal photos, we are seeing a reflection of the energy of a word, image, sound, or thing. However, we are also seeing something deeper. We are seeing inside the quantum realms. Water is acting as a lens into these inner realms, bridging these dimensions to our conscious perception and collective reality. Water has the unique ability to build new pathways between multiple realities. Acting as a universal translator, water leads us down these pathways, offering us insights into other dimensions and other worlds.

  1. Water is the key to ascension.

As you know, water is the only natural substance on Earth able to transform from a solid to a liquid to a gas within the normal range of planetary temperatures. No other substance on the planet is able to move between forms so effortlessly. Consider the term, “ascension.” What does it mean to ascend? We know it means “raising our vibration” and the subsequent evolutionary advancement that accompanies such a shift. However, consider that ascension means transforming. Like water, humans are capable of moving into another physical form. If we are made up mostly of water, and water is able to transform from a solid to a liquid to a gas, would it not seem logical that the human body is also capable of such transformation?

The more I work with water, the more water reveals itself to me. As I bless my water, I understand that it is the water inside of me that enables me to bless it in the first place. Water is the true teacher, the master, the guide, and the sage. Water is both singular and plural. It is creation and destruction. Water is the life force of consciousness, comprising the very substance of life itself. As we awaken to the true nature of water, we also remember more about the true nature of ourselves. I invite you to deepen your relationship with water by closing your eyes and simply having the intention to do so. Magical surprises await you, I promise.

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