Are you ready to transform your life for once and for all?

If you were choosing a business partner, would you be able to tell if they were a member of your soul tribe?

If your twin flame or soul mate walked through the door right now, would you recognize them?

Are you ready to begin applying your understanding of soul tribes to your everyday life?

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Soul Ascension

Wed Oct 6 - Sun Oct 10, 2021

Sedona, Arizona USA
5 Days, 4 nights to make your SOUL COME ALIVE!
Reconnect with your true, authentic self as you relax beside our brand-new, saltwater pool and jacuzzi, completely surrounded by national/state parks and hundreds of hiking trails.Enjoy endless red rock views, daily yoga and sound healing, and fresh, healthy, chef-prepared meals...all while making magical, lifelong connections with your soul family.
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Rainey Marie Highley is an award winning spiritual author of 7 published books, former corporate attorney and executive legal recruiter, and holds a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics. Her two most recent book releases, “Radiant Opus: Healing Our Universe Through Harmony” and “Soul Family: Discover Your Authentic Soul Tribe” both became Amazon #1 Bestselling books in two Amazon categories on their release date in November 2020.  Rainey works as a life coach, yoga instructor, soul tribe teacher & guide based in Sedona, Arizona USA.

Soul Tribe Teacher & Guide


Inaugural Pricing: $9999


Are you prepared to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life?

Are you ready to change the way you interact with others forever?

Are you excited to connect with other soul tribe members from around the globe?

Would you like ongoing, consistent support to help you navigate the new planetary energies?

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Why work with a coach?

Working with a coach can help you quickly identify the people in your life who will accelerate your personal growth and those who will hinder it.  I wish I would have had a coach when I first stepped out on my spiritual path back in 2003. Instead, I spent over 15 years bumping around, trying to make sense of my authentic path and aimlessly searching for others like me. Ultimately, my intuition led me down the right path and into the arms of the right coaches who helped me find my way. Can you find your way without a coach? Absolutely! It will just happen much MORE QUICKLY with a teacher and a guide. I hope you will learn from my experiences. YOU don’t have to spend 15 years floundering. You don’t have to go at it alone! Working with a coach is a way to fast-track your results.

I’ve never worked with a coach. What does a coach do?

A coach is someone who has your back through good times and bad. A coach is there to help guide you when you can’t see your way or help you along when you get stuck. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of leading coaches in the industry throughout my journey and each had their own unique style. Personally, I found that a one week intensive or sequence of a few short sessions was simply not sufficient to get me to the place I needed to go. What worked for me was CONSISTENT, ONGOING SUPPORT that lasted for an extended period of time.

Soul Family Academy was created to provide that same level of support to you. We will speak 4 times every month for six months. That’s 24 sessions!!!! This weekly contact provides a level of stability and support to create a comfortable and safe space for your inner transformation. Two of our monthly sessions involve ceremonial intention setting and releasing ceremonies scheduled around the full and new moon. Our other two monthly sessions are face-to-face (or video) and are extended to 90 minutes in length.

Soul Family Academy also includes a PERSONALIZED pre-recorded guided meditation that you can listen to before bed or while meditating throughout our six months together. This guided meditation includes positive suggestions (agreed upon by you and me beforehand) for your subconscious mind to receive while in a relaxed state. You will receive a Welcome Gift and Book Bundle including signed copies of my six paperback books, as well as an electronic copy of my ebook, Radiant Opus. You will have unlimited access to my private Facebook group, “Soul Tribe Revolution” as well as 50% OFF my upcoming SOUL ASCENSION RETREAT scheduled for Thursday, September 30th to Monday, October 4, 2021 in magical, Sedona Arizona, USA.

Why should I pay money to find my soul tribe?

It is my intention that Soul Family Academy include so much more than simply finding your soul tribe. It was created to offer a safe haven of energetic support and connectivity for soul family members around the globe. Your coaching sessions can cover any topic of importance to you. In addition to the ongoing support of a coach, you also have ongoing support of the Soul Family Academy group in our group coaching call every month and in our intention setting and releasing ceremonies.

Soul Family Academy sounds like a lot of money…how do I know it will be worth it?

Great question! If you are unable to pay in full, let’s set up a call and see if we can arrange a payment plan that works. The real question however, should really be, what is the cost of NOT signing up for Soul Family Academy? I invite you to take a moment in quiet meditation and consider the two paths that are in front of you….signing up for SFA or not signing up for SFA. Take a moment to close your eyes and feel where you will be at the end of the year if you HAD signed up for SFA verses if you did not sign up. Were there opportunities that passed you by or were you able to leap fearlessly forward on your path? Tap into how you feel. Your intuition will always point you in the right direction. Your soul knows the way. Sit with it. Pray about it. Meditate on it. Schedule a call with me and we can discuss it.

What if I am new to all of this and don’t have a clue about spirituality?

That is perfect! As a coach it is my job to meet you where you are in life and move forward from there. We can dive deep into woo woo topics if you like or we can steer clear and keep our coaching sessions very grounded if that is your preference. Being new is perfect…I would much rather meet you now than years later after you have made a ton of mistakes. If you are drawn to Soul Family work, you are most likely much more advanced on your spiritual path than you are consciously aware.

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Inaugural Pricing: $9999