Why 💠WATER💠 is the #1 Tool for your Ascension - Soul Tribe Sessions Episode #10

GET EXCITED ABOUT WATER with Jon and Rainey in this NOT-TO-BE-MISSED Soul Tribe Sessions Episode #10 (2.25.2021) focusing on Why WATER is the #1 Tool for Your Ascension!!!!!

Take a journey with 4Authenticity’s Rainey Highley and Rise with Jon’s Jon McMahon through Rainey’s book, “The Water Code: Unlocking the Truth Within.” Celebrate the magnificence of water, remembering that water is an Amplifier...Navigator....Balancer...Translator….Healer….Transporter….Preserver….Record Keeper….and Bridge to the higher dimensions. Water’s unique ability to trans-FORM within the normal range of Earth’s planetary temperatures, means that as human beings made up of over 70% water, our relationship with water is absolutely essential to our individual and collective ascension.This episode serves as a great reminder that we actually know nothing about water.  All of the “scientific facts” we know about water represent only 1% of a thorough comprehension of water. Learn why water is the great harmonizer, why all of our teachings about ascension should come from water, and why entire libraries could be filled with books written about the magnificence of water. Finally, learn how to harmonize/energize your water to take your ascension process to the next level.

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