Why Are We Here? What Are We Doing? Have We Made it to 5D Yet?🔥 STS Episode 13

Join 4Authenticity's Rainey Highley and Rise With Jon's Jon McMahon for a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED galactic conversation regarding the Truth of our Light Family and what our bigger purpose is on this planet. Join Rainey and Jon for an inspirational and spirited discussion tapping into masterpiece metaphysical works such as Family of Light and Divine Macroverse for guidance and reminders about who we are, why we are here, and what we are doing on Planet Earth at this time. Discussions of alchemy, transmutation, vibration, frequency, focusing your attention, controlling your energy, and gaining mastery over fear are detailed as techniques for personal liberation from 3D to 5D. Higher vibrational living is achieved simply by focusing your attention on higher vibrational things or choosing to "catch" the 5D wave (band of frequency). Happy surfing, soul family!!💜🌟✨🌟💜

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