Quantum Conversations✨ What Is True Equality?

Did you catch me this week on Quantum Conversations? Join A Wish Link for Quantum Conversations with Virginie Beck-Friis from Paris, France, Rainey Highley from Sedona, Arizona USA, Aline Kras from South Brazil and Benoit LeChevallier from Oakland, California, USA. Episode #4 Part One involves the topic of true equality for humanity and what that means from a variety of international perspectives. Learn how to protect against holes in your auric field, how to create eggshell protective shields, and why emotional stability is essential for spiritual protection. Other topics include purification for the ascension process through cleansing, fasting, and holding positive emotions. Finally, dive deep into the waters of exploration with questions regarding judgment, the true history of humanity, and whether we are all collectively paying a karmic debt on behalf of humanity. Also covered is Gregg Braden’s heart/meditation frequency of 0.1 hz representing the connection between the heart and the mind. If you are passionate about topics like Truth, Freedom, Ascension and Harmony, this episode is definitely for you!!

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