Journeys With Rainey
Each journey lasts for 10 weeks and includes a 75-minute weekly coaching call with Rainey (for a total of 10 phone or video sessions) and email/text access between sessions. Cost is $5500 per journey, with half ($2250) paid upon booking and the second half ($2250) paid prior to week 6 of your coaching program.
Journey to Career Fulfillment and Money Mastery
Do you feel stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy, or may even despise? Are you struggling to make end’s meet and feel like you are living just to survive? Or perhaps you are wildly successful at your job but deep down know you are not on your highest path? Mastering money and achieving career fulfillment requires a deep knowing that we live in an abundant universe. It also requires that you are a vibrational match to the money or career you are seeking to attract.

In this 10-week journey, Rainey will evaluate your current money mindset and deep-seated beliefs about abundance, helping you to let go of limited thinking so that you can magnetize the life you desire. On this journey, you will learn how to operate according to the universal laws of manifestation and how to retrain your brain so that you are hardwired for success. You will learn why a daily gratitude practice is essential for career fulfillment and money mastery. Most importantly, you will learn the tools and techniques necessary for maintaining a high vibration so you are not only able to attract the abundance you want, but you are able to keep it for the rest of your life.
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Journey to Harmonious, Fulfilling Relationships
Do your relationships leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled? Do you feel there is a lack of authenticity in your relationships? Do you feel like you are playing a role of the “happy couple” with your partner but deep down know the relationship is over? Perhaps you are in involved in an unhealthy relationship but don’t know how to break free? Or maybe you find yourself on a constant quest to find “the one” and yet every time you think you have found them, you end up disappointed and heartbroken? Attracting the right relationships requires us to practice radical self-love, knowing that all of our relationships are simply a mirror, allowing us to see more deeply into our authentic selves.

In this 10-week journey, Rainey will evaluate your current beliefs about relationships and will help you let go of negative or destructive thoughts you may be unconsciously holding in your body, in your mind, and in your heart. Rainey will help you create an environment that supports your success and will teach you how to work with the laws of energy to attract the right relationships using the law of attraction and other advanced manifestation techniques. You will learn how to fine tune the energy you carry regarding relationships by establishing a daily practice for attracting the relationships you desire. Most importantly, Rainey will help you master uncompromising self love in order to manifest the most harmonious relationships possible into your life.
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Journey to Optimum Health, Vitality, and Wellness
Are you experiencing a health crisis or had a wakeup call such as an accident, injury or diagnosis? Are you suffering from lethargy, lack of energy, or a general sense of dis-ease? Perhaps you know how to live a healthy life but you keep self-sabotaging through overeating, under-eating, or falling into bad habits such as fast food, sugar, alcohol or other addictive behaviors? Do you wish you had more energy, stamina, and vitality? Do you just want to feel better?

In this 10-week journey, Rainey takes a holistic approach to health and wellness by first working with you to identify self-sabotaging patterns, beliefs and habits that may be standing in the way of achieving optimum health and wellness. You will then learn how to create an environment that promotes your vitality and why a positive mental attitude is essential for your physical wellbeing. Rainey will dive deep with you by looking at the food you eat, the water that you drink, and how you move and exercise your body. Are you overworking your digestive system by eating the wrong foods or drinking the wrong water? Do you honor your body as the vehicle housing your authentic self? Rainey will work with you to help achieve your exercise and conscious eating goals. If desired, Rainey will create a personalized yoga sequence that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Finally, you will learn why mastering self love and believing in your own worth is essential to creating a brighter, happier, healthier YOU.
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Journey to Self Empowerment and Life Mastery
Do you want to take your life to the next level but don’t know how? Are you interested in learning the secrets of life mastery that were, until quite recently, revealed only to great sages, spiritual initiates, and the global elite? Or maybe you understand universal principles such as the law of attraction but can’t figure out why you are not successfully manifesting the life of your dreams? Perhaps you have all the tools for success but find yourself stuck in procrastination, finding excuses not to take action?

In this 10-week journey you will learn how to identify and overcome the Ego, and why it is the #1 biggest block to self empowerment and true success. Rainey will work with you to create an environment that supports your highest path and will teach you how to “retrain your brain” to put an end to self-sabotaging behaviors. You will dive deep into meditation and will learn why it is THE key to personal empowerment. Rainey will teach you advanced techniques for raising and maintaining a high vibration, and will show you how to work with universal laws to actively manifest the life of your dreams. Finally, you will learn to embody the high vibrational energies of love and compassion which are essential for true empowerment and where most people fall short in their journey to becoming a Life Master.
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Journey to Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment
Are you seeking to expand your consciousness? Are you ready for your next stage of growth and unfoldment? Are you curious about your relationship to the rest of the cosmos? Do you find yourself asking questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What am I here to do? and How can I share my gifts with the world? Are you searching for your highest and most authentic path? Are you ready to achieve a greater sense of peace, contentment and spiritual understanding in your life? Are you actively religious but seeking greater spiritual enlightenment?

In this 10-week journey, Rainey will enter into a co-creative relationship with you to hold a vision and the energetic space for your spiritual growth and unfoldment. Rainey will work with you to help you return to authenticity by strengthening and nurturing one of the most important relationships in your life - your relationship to your soul. You will learn how to free yourself of the Ego, how to operate from your Intuition and why it is your most trusted guide. Rainey will teach you how to live in the Now and why the present moment is your greatest source of clarity and power. Finally, you will learn to embody compassion, live in joy, and operate from a mentality of How can I serve? 
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authenticity coaching with rainey
Rainey helps clients discover and uncover their authentic selves so that they can FEEL better, DO better, and BE better in all 5 areas of their lives - finances, relationships, health, spirituality, and personal growth/ self empowerment.
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